Residential Island Home

Project Name

Residential Selective Demolition - Island Project


Naples, FL


Wildcat’s dedicated crew recently embarked on a unique selective demolition project on a picturesque island in Naples, Florida. The scope of this project involved the meticulous removal of all stucco finishes to facilitate new waterproofing details and repairs. However, the project’s distinctive challenge was its remote island location, accessible only by boat on a daily basis. This presented a different kind of logistical challenge, requiring our teams to remain on the island for the entirety of their shifts. Despite the unique challenges, we relish the opportunity to tackle such projects that bring their own set of obstacles and complexities.



The primary challenge of this project was the island’s remote accessibility, necessitating our crews to be stationed on-site for their entire workday. This required careful planning and coordination to ensure the project’s smooth execution and efficiency.

Our dedicated crews made remarkable progress on this unique residential island project in Naples, FL. The removal of stucco finishes along the exterior of the home was carried out with precision. Additionally, strategic scoring was applied to all hard surfaces at 3″ intervals to ensure proper adhesion of the new stucco, eliminating the need for metal mesh that could rust over time due to humidity and salt in the air. 

We’re delighted to report the successful completion of this project, which is now ready for its next phase of construction. Throughout the selective demolition process, our crews showcased their expertise, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to safety and responsible recycling solutions.

This project exemplifies Wildcat’s ability to overcome unique challenges while delivering high-quality results. We’re proud to have played a role in the transformation of this island property in Naples, FL.