Franklin Park Elementary School

Project Name

Franklin Park Elementary School


Ford Street | Fort Myers, FL


Selective Demolition, Concrete Cutting, and Structural Shoring


Wildcat had the privilege of undertaking the Franklin Park Elementary School roof removal project in collaboration with Owen-Ames-Kimball and alongside Sims Crane & Equipment Co. Our team was entrusted with the critical task of safely and efficiently removing the school’s aging roof. This project not only aimed to enhance the structural integrity of the building but also contribute to the overall improvement of the educational environment for students in the community.

One of the primary challenges we encountered during this project was the need to work on an aging school building, last renovated in 1978. This posed unique challenges in terms of safely removing the old roof while preserving the integrity of the structure. Additionally, ensuring the safety of the school environment and the local community throughout the project was a top priority.

Wildcat’s skilled crew successfully executed the roof removal process with precision. We expertly cut and secured the panels, preparing them to be safely lifted and moved. Our commitment to sustainability was evident in our efforts to ensure that all debris was properly disposed of and recycled wherever possible. The end result of this project not only improved the structural quality of Franklin Park Elementary School but also contributed to the well-being and enhanced learning experience of the students in the community.

This project reflects our dedication to excellence and our commitment to making a positive impact on the educational facilities in our community.