Structural Shoring

Expert Structural Shoring Services by Wildcat Renovation

Looking for reliable structural shoring services for your commercial, residential, or industrial project? Wildcat Renovation specializes in providing top-notch structural shoring solutions in Florida. Whether you’re involved in new construction, remodeling, or require emergency repairs, we’ve got you covered.

Our skilled professionals at Wildcat Renovation are equipped to handle a wide range of shoring needs, including cast-in-place concrete tie beams, structural decks, and roof structures. No matter the size, shape, or load requirements of your project, we have the expertise to deliver the temporary structural support you need.

Structural Shoring
Crew working - structural showing

Why Choose Wildcat Renovation for Structural Shoring?

Licensed Professional Engineers

Our team includes state of Florida licensed Professional Engineers who can provide signed, sealed shoring designs and load calculations. You can trust our expertise for safe and compliant shoring solutions.

Comprehensive Inspections

We conduct thorough inspections prior to load transfer to ensure the integrity and safety of the structural shoring.

Our Shoring and Scaffolding Systems

Needle Beam: Precision shoring solutions for challenging structural support requirements.

Frame and Brace: Reliable shoring systems designed to handle heavy loads and maintain stability.

Trash Chutes: Convenient and safe solutions for waste disposal during construction projects.

Scaffolding: Versatile scaffolding options tailored to your specific project needs.

Post Shoring: Effective post shoring services to support various structural components.

Trust us to provide the temporary structural support that ensures the success and safety of your project.

For professional structural shoring services backed by licensed engineers, contact Wildcat Renovation today.