Robotic Demolition

Robotic Demolition Services for Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Projects

Wildcat Renovation leads the way in the demolition and concrete cutting industry, employing a fleet of advanced demolition robots designed for various sizes and weight classifications. Our skilled operators are proficient in handling these cutting-edge electric/hydro-powered machines.

Our Brokk® demolition robots resemble mini excavators, without cabs. They operate on rubber tracks and feature hydraulically powered arms equipped with concrete breakers, crushers, steel shears, and grapple claws. With our extensive range of attachments, we excel in the swift and safe removal of heavily reinforced concrete, masonry construction, as well as interior building components and finishes.

Robotic Demolition
Brokk Demolishing Ceiling

Key Features of Our Brokk® Demolition Robots

  • Versatility: All Brokk® robots can navigate through standard 36” doorways, ride passenger elevators, and traverse stairs, ensuring access to even the most confined spaces.
  • Power and Efficiency: These robots possess an exceptional power-to-weight ratio, delivering superior performance compared to traditional excavators, especially when the site conditions are favorable.

Advantages of Robotic Demolition

  • Safety:
    Our operators safely control the robots from a designated FCC radio frequency-connected control panel outside the impacted area.
  • Eco-Friendly:
    Our electric/hydro-powered robots are fume-free, eliminating air quality concerns.
  • Noise Reduction:
    With an electric motor that operates virtually silently, our robots significantly reduce noise compared to traditional diesel-powered equipment.
  • Precise Demolition:
    The ability to crush concrete instead of hammering is ideal for environments where sound and percussion are a concern, such as hospitals.
  • Power Flexibility:
    We can bring in exterior power or wire into the facility’s main power source, offering flexible solutions.
  • Extended Reach:
    Our robots boast extended reach capabilities over traditional hydraulic concrete cutting equipment.
Brokk with Crushing Attachment

When you partner with Wildcat Renovation and leverage our Brokk® Demolition Robots, you can trust in our extensive experience, expertise, and cutting-edge, technology.

Contact us today to discuss your robotic demolition needs and experience the future of demolition technology with Wildcat Renovation.