What is Structural Shoring and Why is it Important to the Selective Demolition Process?

Structural Shoring is the process of supporting a structure during construction or repair. Shoring is used to transfer the critical structural loads onto temporary towers or post shores, while the original structural bearing elements of a building or home are modified or reconfigured. This process involves considerable experience and complex engineering to understand how to…

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Roll Off Dumpster Truck

Responsible Recycling Solutions: Wildcat Renovation’s Positive Impact on the Environment

Recycling is essential to protecting our environment from the damaging effects of waste and pollution–It helps ensure a sustainable future by reducing, reusing, and recycling materials that would otherwise end up in landfills or pollute our planet. Wildcat Renovation is committed to providing responsible recycling solutions. Through our innovative services and processes, we are making…

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Brokk Operators standing next to Brokk170 and Brokk110

Why We’re Growing & Why Wildcat Renovation is Such a Great Place to Work

What’s the reason behind Wildcat’s growth? Wildcat Renovation is a specialty contractor with over 20 years of experience building a rock-solid reputation in Southwest Florida. Over the years, our laser-focus on proving ourselves as the best residential and commercial selective demolition experts has gained us a wide variety of projects. We are growing because we…

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Wildcat Renovation Keeps Medical Staff and Patients Safe During Interior Demolition for NCH Medical Plaza Urology in Naples

When performing interior demolition in medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics, it’s vital that we allow for regular operations to continue while keeping patients and staff safe. We make sure to seal off sections to prevent dust/debris from leaving the demolition area in line with ICRA Requirements. Noise concerns are also important to keep…

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The Wall Sawing Component of Selective Demolition

Reasons why you might need wall sawing services When you work in the selective demolition industry, it is inevitable that you will encounter jobs that require either a full wall removal, opening on concrete foundations, or precision cutting of openings to accommodate doors, windows, etc. Contractors, as well as DIY homeowners, might need wall sawing services in…

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Al Miller standing next to Brokk Robots

Podcast: The Force Behind your Selective Demolition Partner

Wildcat Renovation stays at the forefront of the selective demolition industry implementing new technology and equipping the demolition crews for success. Brokk® remote-controlled demolition robots were recently added to Wildcat Renovation’s arsenal in order to complete projects safely and on time. Recently, Wildcat Renovation’s owner Al Miller was interviewed by The Brokkology Podcast’s host Mike…

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Wildcat employee standing next to demolition robot removing concrete wall

Wildcat Renovation is Leading the Way in Robotic Demolition

Wildcat Renovation continues to stay ahead of the competition employing cutting edge technology. With multiple demolition robots at different sizes and weight classification, Wildcat Renovation is prepared for any selective demolition challenge that comes our way. The versatility of these robots allow Wildcat Renovation to outperform the traditional methods of demolition while still allowing for…

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