Wall Sawing

Concrete Wall Sawing Services for Precision Cuts in Southwest Florida

Concrete wall sawing is a specialized technique that utilizes a circular blade mounted on a track-mounted machine. This versatile method can scale walls, cut through ceilings, and make cuts ranging from 8 to 36 inches in thickness. Wall or track sawing is particularly chosen when precise dimensional openings for doors, vents, windows, elevators, escalators, and stairwells are required.

Wall Saw cutting through concrete
Telehandler Removing Roof Section

Key Features of Concrete Wall Sawing

Precision Cutting

Wall sawing allows for precise cuts to be made at specific angles, rakes, or even below water lines, ensuring accuracy in every project.

Ideal for Tilt-Up Panels

It’s the preferred choice for saw cutting tilt-up panels, poured concrete walls, and slabs, where precision openings are crucial for installations like doors, windows, or steel structural framing.

Versatile Applications

Concrete wall sawing is used extensively for various applications, including cutting openings in concrete foundations, lowering foundation elevations, and even full wall removal.

Dustless, Vibration-Free, and Quiet

Dustless, Vibration-Free, and Quiet: Our advanced equipment ensures a clean, vibration-free, and quiet operation, making it suitable for a wide range of projects.

The Technology Behind Wall Sawing 

The diamond wall saw blade is a critical component of this process, featuring a circular steel core with diamond segments attached to the periphery. This blade is mounted on the spindle of the wall saw, which runs along the wall saw track bolted to the cutting surface. The power source for wall saw systems can be hydraulic, air, or electric, providing flexibility to suit project requirements.

Concrete Track Saw cutting a wall at night

Wildcat Renovation offers expert concrete wall sawing services in Southwest Florida, delivering precision cuts up to 36 inches in depth.

Trust us for your projects that demand accuracy and clean results. Our advanced equipment ensures minimal disruption, making us the ideal choice for your concrete-cutting needs in the region.