First Harbour Towers

Project Name

First Harbour Towers Renovation


Downtown | Fort Myers, FL


Selective Demolition, Concrete Cutting


The Wildcat team embarked on an ambitious project at First Harbour Towers, situated near downtown Fort Myers, FL. This undertaking involved elevating our capabilities to new heights, quite literally. Our mission was to remove solar block masonry walls and jealousy windows from the 8th floor down to the 2nd floor to pave the way for the installation of new storefront windows. The complexity of this project stemmed from the logistics and the significant heights involved, all while managing pedestrian traffic below us.

The primary challenge we faced in the First Harbour Towers project was working at extreme heights, with our crews being lifted more than 80 feet above the ground. This height presented unique safety and logistical considerations, especially given the ongoing pedestrian activity below. Ensuring the safety of both our team and the public was paramount. Additionally, we had to meticulously coordinate the removal of existing materials to make way for the new storefront windows.

Wildcat’s team rose to the occasion, quite literally, to successfully complete this intricate project. Notably, we finished the project one week ahead of schedule and under budget, a testament to our efficiency and professionalism. Our client recognized and commended our team’s execution and dedication throughout the project. The renovated First Harbour Towers now boasts new storefront windows, revitalizing its appearance and contributing to the ongoing transformation of downtown Fort Myers.

This project exemplifies Wildcat’s ability to tackle complex challenges and deliver exceptional results while maintaining the highest standards of safety and professionalism.