Naples Players Theater

Project Name

Naples Players Theater Expansion


5th Avenue | Naples, Florida


Selective Demolition, Concrete Cutting, and Structural Shoring


At Wildcat, we thrive on tackling diverse and intricate projects that showcase our expertise in the field. The Naples Players Theater expansion on 5th Ave in downtown Naples is a prime example of our capabilities, encompassing a range of services, including selective demolition, concrete cutting, roof system removal, and shoring installations. However, the standout feature of this project was its formidable challenges, primarily stemming from the complex logistics and the need to work in a high-profile environment with limited site access.

The Naples Players Theater expansion presented us with a multifaceted challenge: navigating the logistical intricacies of working in the heart of downtown Naples on 5th Ave. Our client, Build LLC, recognized the importance of selecting a demolition company with the skills and expertise to excel in such a high-profile setting, given the restricted access to the site.

Our scope of work encompassed removing interior finishes down to the structural elements, expertly demolishing interior mezzanine decks, and preparing the roof for removal. The end result of our efforts speaks volumes about Wildcat’s ability to successfully complete complex projects. The Naples Players Theater expansion, situated in the heart of downtown Naples, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and our capability to overcome challenging obstacles.