Lee County Justice Center

Project Name

Lee County Justice Center Concrete Slab-Cutting


Fort Myers, FL


Wildcat Renovation was entrusted with the concrete slab-cutting project at the Lee County Justice Center, a critical undertaking awarded in April, 2023. The primary objective of this project was to provide electric/hydraulic concrete cutting services for existing 12”-18” thick concrete slabs. This precise work was essential to prepare the facility for new sanitary plumbing installations. To accomplish this, we employed cutting-edge equipment, including 480 V electric/hydraulic concrete cutting machinery, mini-skid loaders, and HEPA scrubbers.


One of the most significant challenges we faced during this project was ensuring the uninterrupted productivity of the Lee County Justice Center employees. To achieve this, our crews operated during the night over several weeks to minimize disruptions. Each night, extensive protective measures were put in place for sensitive equipment such as computers, desks, servers, and phones. This ensured that the working environment remained dust and dirt-free during our operations.

Wildcat Renovation executed this complex project flawlessly. Our teams not only performed precision concrete cutting but also meticulously protected and maintained the operational office environment. We installed protective measures, removed all debris, installed hole covers, and cleaned the entire area each night. This effort allowed us to leave the workspace in a condition as if we were never there, ensuring that it was ready for Lee County employees by 9 AM the following morning. The project encountered no issues and was a resounding success.

This project underscores Wildcat Renovation’s proficiency in working within challenging environments with minimal disruption to clients, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and precision in every endeavor.