Why We’re Growing & Why Wildcat Renovation is Such a Great Place to Work

What’s the reason behind Wildcat’s growth? Wildcat Renovation is a specialty contractor with over 20 years of experience building a rock-solid reputation in Southwest Florida. Over the years, our laser-focus on proving ourselves as the best residential and commercial selective demolition experts has gained us a wide variety of projects. We are growing because we can tackle the most challenging projects, have the most knowledgeable staff, and have the highest dedication to honest and reputable business practices.

In 2021, Wildcat is seeking to hire more employees to keep up with the demand for our services. With so many projects on the horizon, we need professionals who are team players and believe in a job well done.

What We Do

Wildcat Renovation focuses on being the premier provider of selective demolition, concrete cutting, and shoring erection. Below is a list of services our Wildcat team members provide with pride daily.

Why is Wildcat Renovation a Great Place to Work?


Our leadership cares about our team because they know firsthand how demanding this line of work can be. We encourage everyone to grow, take more responsibility, and learn everything they can, not just to make them better at what they do but to better their career opportunities.


What we do is important. We hire skilled individuals that need to pay attention to every task, but we don’t expect you to know every aspect of our trade. After all, a huge amount of knowledge is required for one of our services alone. We provide extensive in-house training to our employees, so they are confident enough to handle any job we put them on. Whether you are looking to build your experience in the trades or expand your knowledge, we have you covered.


Wildcat Renovation prides itself on being a leader in team safety and equipment training. We need highly skilled professionals to operate our cutting-edge equipment safely. We care about our employees and do everything we can to prevent incidents. That means we have rigorous safety training that includes:

  • Identifying and mitigating hazards
  • Weekly company-wide safety meetings
  • Weekly toolbox talks for proper use of tools and PPE
  • Hazardous materials training
  • Equipment safety training and certifications
  • Forklift, scissor lift, and boom lift certifications
  • Extensive OSHA training


Our team wasn’t put together on a whim. Individuals are carefully chosen based on their skills and experience working as a part of our close-knit team. Our line of work is a team sport, and we want people who enjoy building relationships and camaraderie while winning at every project.

Have what it takes to work with us? Contact Us today to get started with your future in contracting.