Wildcat Renovation Keeps Medical Staff and Patients Safe During Interior Demolition for NCH Medical Plaza Urology in Naples

When performing interior demolition in medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics, it’s vital that we allow for regular operations to continue while keeping patients and staff safe. We make sure to seal off sections to prevent dust/debris from leaving the demolition area in line with ICRA Requirements. Noise concerns are also important to keep in mind when performing interior demolition in these spaces. For certain projects we have the ability to use demolition robots with special attachments to crush concrete as opposed to hammering which doesn’t allow for noise reduction. Understanding how to provide our clients with quality services while allowing for as minimal disruption as possible is something that we’ve gained through experience over the course of many years. 

In this example, Wildcat Renovation was contracted to perform interior demolition for NCH Medical Plaza Urology in Naples, FL. For this particular project Wildcat was working on a space that was right next to the operating medical facility. As with other projects like this, the challenge is working in an environment where noise and dust can create issues for medical staff if not properly handled. We took special consideration to remove debris after hours to help reduce the risk to medical staff from exposure to dust and other materials. In total Wildcat Renovation completed the removal of rated and non-rated walls, finishes, fixtures, floors, ceilings and casework, and lastly the removal of a 6 ton sterilization equipment in a span of 15 working days.

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