Responsible Recycling Solutions: Wildcat Renovation’s Positive Impact on the Environment

Recycling is essential to protecting our environment from the damaging effects of waste and pollution–It helps ensure a sustainable future by reducing, reusing, and recycling materials that would otherwise end up in landfills or pollute our planet. Wildcat Renovation is committed to providing responsible recycling solutions. Through our innovative services and processes, we are making a meaningful impact on how we recycle today. From meticulous material separation to convenient collection services, Wildcat Renovation is committed to providing responsible recycling solutions for our community.

Wildcat Renovation achieves this through its commitment to protecting our natural resources and environment. With the latest tools and practices, they prioritize sorting materials for proper disposal and delivery to licensed recycling facilities. Wildcat Renovation provides roll-off dumpster trucks and 20, 30, or 40-yard containers to handle the transportation of large debris. Placing multiple containers at job sites helps our crew better manage the separation of recycling materials, reducing the amount of debris going into landfills.

Another part of our pledge to the environment is offering a recycling program, which includes the recycling of these items:

  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Ballasts / Batteries
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete and aggregate-based materials

Furthermore, Wildcat Renovation goes beyond providing recycling services; We care about our local community! We donate appliances to a handful of awesome local charities including:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Renovation Angel
  • Builders Care
  • Wounded Warriors Project

Our Wildcat Renovation crew members are industry leaders dedicated to creating a cleaner and more sustainable world. Their commitment to environmentally sustainable practices and responsible recycling solutions is admirable and necessary in today’s world. Wildcat Renovation is significantly protecting our Southwest Florida home and beyond by offering innovative services, educating our crew on best practices, and promoting a culture of responsible waste management.


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