Boca Grande Country Club

Project Name

Boca Grande Country Club


Boca Grande, FL


Selective Demolition, Commercial, Exterior Structural Modification


The Wildcat team has successfully completed the Boca Grande Country Club project, which encompassed a comprehensive scope involving both interior selective demolition and exterior structural modifications. Throughout the project, our crews meticulously removed ceilings and framing while maintaining a clean and organized workspace. Collaborating seamlessly with fellow tradesmen, including sprinkler and MEP professionals, we collectively identified and flagged potential hazards to ensure visibility for all involved parties. Having completed our floor removal work in the bar area, we have handed it over to the General Contractor for the subsequent phases of the project. Notably, our team excelled in installing structural shoring, preparing the site for steel subcontractors who successfully replaced and installed new steel beams and columns, a pivotal step in the clubhouse addition. We take immense pride in the excellent progress and successful outcome achieved at the Boca Grande Country Club.