Tina Strasburger

Tina Strasburger is an essential member of the Wildcat Renovation team, serving as the Scheduling Manager since March 2023. Her role is instrumental in ensuring that projects run smoothly and on schedule, making her a key player in the company’s success.

Tina’s responsibilities include managing job schedules and forecasts, coordinating with customers to schedule projects, and following up post-completion to ensure customer satisfaction. She meticulously maintains the schedule, tracking daily changes using both Excel and whiteboards.

Her dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction extends beyond the workplace. Tina’s achievements include being named Employee of the Year at her previous position, out of 65,000 employees. She holds Word, Excel, and PowerPoint certifications, underlining her commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

In Tina’s view, what truly sets Wildcat Renovation apart is the people. The close-knit team fosters a collaborative and enjoyable work environment that makes each day a pleasure to be a part of.

Before joining Wildcat, Tina held the role of Office Manager, where she honed her organizational and managerial skills.

In her leisure time, Tina enjoys riding her Harley and cherishing moments with her grandchildren. She is a doting grandmother who loves taking her grandchildren to various theme parks, witnessing their smiles as they enjoy thrilling rides. Tina’s passion for travel also extends to annual trips with a diverse group of friends from across the United States; this January, they are embarking on an exciting journey to Jamaica. Moreover, her 35-year-long marriage is a testament to her commitment to love and companionship.

According to Tina, one of the keys to Wildcat’s success is its people. She hears customers’ positive feedback about the exceptional work and professionalism displayed by the field team.

When it comes to demolition tools, Tina’s favorite is the excavator, reflecting the company’s dedication to efficiency and precision in their projects.

In summary, Tina Strasburger, as the Scheduling Manager at Wildcat Renovation, plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth project operations. Her commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and love for her colleagues make her an invaluable asset to the company’s continued success.