Mike Nywening

Meet Mike Nywening, the Field Operations Manager at Wildcat Renovation, who plays a pivotal role in project operations, truck and equipment maintenance, and purchasing. Since his time began in December 2019, Mike has ensured that the machinery and resources needed for the team’s success are well-maintained and readily available.

Mike brings over two decades of experience in the construction industry to his role, with three-quarters of that time spent installing and building the structural elements of buildings. Now, he’s embarked on a different journey, focused on safely disassembling and renovating structures.

What sets Wildcat Renovation apart for Mike is the company’s collective effort. Despite having various responsibilities, the team always comes together to make Wildcat the best it can be.

Before joining Wildcat, Mike spent 15 years installing structural steel and concrete. His decision to try something new has added a unique perspective to the team.

In his free time, Mike is active in his church and enjoys coaching his son’s football team. Above all, he cherishes spending quality time with his family.

According to Mike, one of the keys to Wildcat’s success is the unwavering determination to never give up. The team consistently finds innovative solutions to overcome challenges.

When it comes to demolition tools, Mike’s favorite is the versatile excavator, which epitomizes Wildcat Renovation’s commitment to efficiency and precision in their projects.

In summary, Mike Nywening, as the Field Operations Manager, brings a wealth of industry experience and a collaborative spirit to Wildcat Renovation. His dedication to the team’s success and his ability to find solutions make him a valuable asset in their continued growth.