Luis Echevarria

Meet Luis Echevarria, the General Superintendent at Wildcat Renovation, who has been an unwavering part of the company since its inception in April 2013. As one of the “Original Wildcats,” Luis’s steadfast commitment to the company is a testament to the close-knit family within the organization. With over a decade of dedicated service, Luis plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless production flow in the field by providing the necessary support and resources to all crews and jobs.

Luis’s value in the industry is attributed to his unwavering commitment to hard work and his passion for making the company bigger and more efficient. What sets Wildcat Renovation apart for Luis is the availability of tools and machinery that make jobs more manageable and the flexibility in work hours.

Before joining Wildcat, Luis spent a decade honing his skills in concrete cutting, laying the foundation for his exceptional expertise. In his leisure time, Luis enjoys watching movies, tackling projects around the house, and cherishing moments with his family.

According to Luis, the key to Wildcat’s success lies in its team members and their commitment to open communication. Luis’s favorite demolition tool, the Brokk, embodies Wildcat Renovation’s commitment to efficiency and precision in their projects.

In summary, Luis Echevarria, as the General Superintendent, is a cornerstone of Wildcat Renovation’s success. His enduring commitment to the company and his role in fostering a culture of teamwork and communication contribute significantly to the company’s continued growth.