Josh Senseman

Meet Josh Senseman, an integral part of the Wildcat Renovation team, serving as an Estimator since June 2014. In his role, Josh plays a crucial role in ensuring a steady workflow, keeping the field teams busy, and ensuring client satisfaction throughout the project’s lifecycle.

His diverse contributions have marked Josh’s journey at Wildcat. Starting as a cart pusher, he has worn multiple hats, from being a superintendent running his projects to handling dispatch and concrete cutting sales. His versatility and readiness to assist other departments whenever needed have made him a valued team player in the industry.

According to Josh, what makes Wildcat Renovation exceptional is the work atmosphere and the fast-paced environment. The company’s culture fosters an environment where everyone is motivated to excel.

Before joining Wildcat, Josh worked at a smaller concrete cutting and demolition outfit, gaining valuable experience that he has brought to his current role.

Outside work, Josh finds joy in spending quality time with his family and immersing himself in outdoor activities. Whether hunting, fishing, swamp buggy riding, or heading to the Florida Keys to catch lobsters every July, Josh relishes his time outdoors.

In Josh’s eyes, teamwork is one of the keys to Wildcat’s success. He describes the company as a well-oiled machine where every team member plays a crucial role in ensuring everything runs smoothly and stays on track.

When it comes to demolition tools, Josh’s favorite is the versatile excavator, reflecting Wildcat Renovation’s commitment to efficiency and precision in their projects.

In summary, Josh Senseman, as an Estimator at Wildcat Renovation, brings a wealth of experience and a can-do attitude to the team. His dedication to client satisfaction and ability to adapt to various roles make him an indispensable asset to the company’s ongoing success.