Jay Ibo

Meet Jay Ibo, an invaluable member of the Wildcat Renovation team, serving as a Senior Project Manager. With a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to the company’s success, Jay plays a pivotal role in delivering big and small projects.

Jay has been a part of the Wildcat family since April 2014, dedicating himself to managing daily projects with precision and expertise. His tenure at Wildcat is a testament to his dedication to the company’s mission.

His passion for knowledge and willingness to share it sets Jay apart in the industry. He has taken the initiative to teach himself the intricacies of the construction field, accumulating valuable skills over the years. Jay’s commitment extends to mentoring and guiding others, passing on his acquired knowledge. He holds the prestigious OSHA 30 certification, a testament to his dedication to safety and excellence.

According to Jay, one of the defining characteristics of Wildcat Renovation is its strong family-oriented culture. This sense of unity and belonging is a driving force behind the company’s achievements.

Before embarking on his journey with Wildcat, Jay’s career led him to roles as a tool and die setter and furnace manager in Daytona Beach, Florida. His diverse background brings a unique perspective to his role as a Project Manager.

Outside work, Jay enjoys various activities, from fishing to visiting the shooting range, all while cherishing time spent with his family, particularly his children.

When asked about the key to Wildcat’s success, Jay emphasizes the company’s collective knowledge and skill, which have been pivotal in delivering outstanding client results.

In the world of demolition, Jay has a particular fondness for the excavator, a versatile and powerful tool that exemplifies the company’s commitment to efficiency and precision.

In summary, Jay Ibo, a dedicated Project Manager at Wildcat Renovation, brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for sharing it. His commitment to safety, family, and excellence aligns perfectly with the values that make Wildcat a success in the industry.