Hunter Vos

Hunter Vos is a valuable addition to the Wildcat Renovation team, bringing a fresh perspective as a Project Manager. His journey at Wildcat began in March 2023 as the Logistics Manager position, and he has recently transitioned into his current role.

What sets Hunter apart in the industry is his unique blend of knowledge. He has absorbed a significant amount of project management and engineering expertise from his father, providing him with a solid foundation. While serving as the Logistics Manager, Hunter delved deep into the inner workings of the demolition industry. He has further fortified his credentials with an OSHA 30 Certification.

Hunter’s affinity for Wildcat Renovation revolves around its fantastic team and positive work environment. The collaborative spirit and camaraderie within the company create a setting where everyone thrives.

Before joining Wildcat, Hunter’s career path led him to a Superintendent/Project Manager role at a General Contracting company, providing him with valuable insights into the construction industry.

Hunter maintains an active lifestyle in his free time through activities like swimming, hitting the gym, and mountain biking. He also enjoys exploring various corners of the world with his fiancée.

According to Hunter, one of the keys to Wildcat’s success is the team’s strong work ethic and dedication to detail. This meticulous approach is reflected in the quality of their work.

When it comes to demolition tools, Hunter’s favorite is the Brokk 170, showcasing Wildcat Renovation’s commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology for efficient and precise projects.

In summary, Hunter Vos, as a Project Manager at Wildcat Renovation, brings a blend of knowledge and enthusiasm to the team. His dedication to excellence and passion for innovation aligns perfectly with the company’s values, contributing to its continued success.