Al Miller
Al Miller
Founder and President of Wildcat Renovation

Al Miller’s journey in the construction industry began as a laborer at the young age of 18. Through unwavering dedication and a relentless drive for excellence, he ascended through various roles, from apprentice to operator, head operator, estimator, project manager, operations manager, and Vice President of operations across the Midwest. This diverse and extensive experience laid the solid groundwork for his vision of doing things better.

In 2013, Al Miller founded Wildcat Renovation, driven by his profound belief in the enduring promise of the American Dream. His mission was clear: to establish a company that excelled by consistently delivering exceptional service. Specializing in selective demolition, concrete cutting, and shoring erection, Al and his team quickly became recognized for providing turnkey, cost-effective solutions to their valued clients.

Over the span of just ten years, under Al’s leadership, Wildcat Renovation has experienced remarkable growth. The company has expanded to employ over 100 dedicated professionals. They have successfully completed over 10,000 projects, renovating and demolishing a staggering 18 million square feet of space. Moreover, Al’s commitment to safety has led to the organization hosting over 1,000 safety training classes, ensuring the well-being of both his team and the communities they serve.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Al is, above all, a dedicated family man. He and his beloved wife Jillian have been inseparable for 22 years, celebrating 16 wonderful years of marriage. They are proud parents to two amazing children. Al takes great joy in being a father to his two young children and in having built a company that affords him the luxury of spending quality time with his family.

Jillian and Al are actively engaged in their children’s school and devote a significant portion of his personal time to support his daughter’s cheerleading and gymnastics aspirations and son’s budding interest in hockey, soccer, and T-ball.

In addition to his family activities, Al finds solace and joy spending time with family and friends on the water, boating, and island hopping.

As a dedicated fitness enthusiast, Al has embraced CrossFit for many years, aspiring to stay young and fit for the sake of his beloved children.

In summary, Al Miller, as the Founder and President of Wildcat Renovation, has excelled professionally and prioritized his family and community. His enduring commitment to excellence, safety, and sustainability and his active involvement in his children’s lives make him a remarkable leader in and out of the construction industry.