The Windsor at Bay Colony

Project Name

The Windsor at Bay Colony


Naples, FL


Selective Demolition, Residential, Concrete Cutting


Wildcat was commissioned for a selective demolition project at The Windsor at Bay Colony in Naples, FL, focusing on residential concrete cutting. Our primary task was to cut and remove the inner cast-in-place concrete wall to facilitate the creation of a new roundabout feature. Additionally, our involvement extended to the removal of the topping slab and waterproofing material that covered the entire feature.

This project posed several unique challenges, including the presence of a wall that had been poured on a post-tension cable concrete deck. To ensure the safety and accuracy of our cutting activities, we conducted a thorough scan of the deck to pinpoint the locations of the post-tension cables. This proactive approach allowed us to proceed with confidence, knowing the precise positioning of these critical components during the cutting process. Our team’s expertise and meticulous planning were instrumental in overcoming these challenges and successfully completing the project to meet our client’s requirements at The Windsor at Bay Colony.