The Wall Sawing Component of Selective Demolition

Reasons why you might need wall sawing services

When you work in the selective demolition industry, it is inevitable that you will encounter jobs that require either a full wall removal, opening on concrete foundations, or precision cutting of openings to accommodate doors, windows, etc. Contractors, as well as DIY homeowners, might need wall sawing services in order to create openings when installing air conditioning systems or making changes to the plumbing on a residential home or commercial building. 

Tools needed for wall sawing

Wall sawing involves a lot of preparation, proper equipment, and well-trained operators. Wildcat Renovation crews are equipped with hand saws as well as wall sawing systems that run on tracks for precision cutting. These wall sawing systems are usually powered by either hydraulic, air, or electric power sources and are equipped with diamond blades of up to 72 inches in diameter that makes it possible to cut up to 36 inches in depth. 

Of course, you can have all the tools in the world but in order to get the job done properly, you need to have highly skilled operators. For that reason, our crews have well-trained operators with extensive experience in the field. 

Choosing the right wall sawing contractor

Whatever the application needed when it comes to wall sawing, you should choose a contractor with the proper tools. A contractor that has extensive experience and reliability ensuring your project is done properly, on time, and on budget. 

At Wildcat Renovation our teams are well-trained and knowledgeable with years of experience. From the moment we start a project our goal is to ensure the planning and execution are second to none. For years our crews have worked with homeowners and contractors alike in all of Southwest Florida and throughout the state. 

Our work in action

Below are pictures of a recent wall sawing job our crews performed in Southwest Florida. From the beginning of the project, our teams planned and executed the work efficiently and without a hitch. For this job, we required the use of hand saws as well as saws mounted on tracks that were remotely controlled and provided precision cutting. 

In order to remove the wall, our experts drilled holes along the top of the wall using one of our core drilling tools. These openings allowed us to loop chains that were used to remove the wall in sections, ensuring the safety of the crew and completing the work efficiently.

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