Flooring Removal: Staying Ahead to Serve You Better

Wildcat Renovation is always enhancing the way we serve our customers. Recently we acquired two new flooring removal machines that help us provide better faster service for our clients saving them time and money. 

Our flooring removal crews recently received training from the vendor on the new Twister Ride-On floor scraper machines. We can see how these faster, stronger scrapers pack a punch and will allow us to make quick work of any flooring removal work that comes our way. 

With our arsenal of floor scrapers now at 8 machines, no other selective demolition company in the area is better prepared to provide the best service you deserve. We are ready for any commercial or residential flooring removal work that comes our way. Contact us today and let’s get your project done right.

To learn more about the flooring removal services that Wildcat Renovation offers visit the flooring-removal section of our website.

Give us a call at 239.226.1461 if you’re in need of our flooring removal services.



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