Podcast: The Force Behind your Selective Demolition Partner

Wildcat Renovation stays at the forefront of the selective demolition industry implementing new technology and equipping the demolition crews for success. Brokk® remote-controlled demolition robots were recently added to Wildcat Renovation’s arsenal in order to complete projects safely and on time.

Recently, Wildcat Renovation’s owner Al Miller was interviewed by The Brokkology Podcast’s host Mike Martin. You can listen to this podcast below. In this interview, Al talks about the beginnings of Wildcat Renovation as well as what keeps him pushing the boundaries in order to better equip his team and provide better results for their clients.

If you are a homeowner in the midst of a home renovation project or maybe a contractor looking to partner with a company equipped to keep your project on budget and on schedule give us a call.

Listen to Al Miller’s interview with Brokkology host Mike Martin below.