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Wildcat Portfolio

Wildcat Portfolio

Public Works Fuel Station - Fort Myers, FL

Wildcat Renovation was the selective demolition and concrete cutting contractor retained to expand and update this high end operational dealership. All demolition work was completed over a twelve month period through eight separate operational phases. In order to minimize operational disruption to the dealership's clientele all work was done during weekends, nights, and holidays...

A home owner called Wildcat Renovation when it was time to expand his residence while preserving precious yard space. Wildcat Renovation completed the roof demolition needed to allow the construction of a second story addition without disturbing existing load bearing walls and tie-beams.

Completed interior renovation of a +/- 21,675 sq ft hospital suite. This project required skilled Wildcat technicians to demolish existing materials in and around critical systems and to move debris thru a fully operational hospital with minimal disruption to patients and staff while honoring all ICRA / AHCA control measures.

Wildcat Renovation was the demolition contractor of choice when NCH needed to expand their operational Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. With skilled technicians and an understanding of critical systems Wildcat was instrumental in ensuring all ICRA, life safety and infectious control measures were adhered to allowing NCH to focus on their passion of saving young lives.

Complete interior demolition of a 24,000 sq ft class "A" office space utilizing multiple trash chutes for debris removal. This project was completed at night to minimize disruption to the existing tenants. During demolition activities extreme care was needed to maintain low voltage cabling and electrical services supplying other floors throughout the building.

In the heart of downtown Naples located on 5th Avenue and within a boutique hotel a skilled and professional demolition contractor was required making Wildcat Renovation the right choice. Crews stripped out the existing restaurant and successfully demolished a 500 sq ft cast-in place concrete vault constructed of 3' thick steel reinforced concrete walls, ceiling and slab while preserving the historic vault door and frame left when the space was originally a bank.

Demolition included removal of structural components required to expand the existing sanctuary. A custom frame and brace shoring system was used to support the existing glue-lam trusses while a needle beam shoring system was used to expand the height and usable square footage of the church.

Complete renovation of an operational 130,000 sq ft administrative and logistical facility. Wildcat minimized disruption to ongoing operations while meeting stringent scheduling requirements.

With the urgent need for a temporary corporate office Wildcat Renovation accepted the challenge to strip out an existing commercial space consisting of +/- 48,000 sq ft in ten days. Multiple crews worked seamlessly together and exceeded the challenge by completing this project in only seven. Hertz management, impressed with our accomplishments released an additional 10,000 sq ft on the second floor which we completed in under five days.

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